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C.P. Leathers Srl represents the new business ideology of its founder Claudio Poletto.

Claudio Poletto born in 1973, not yet in his twenties, starts his first production activity in the leather field, fascinated by the processes that were expanding at the very beginning of Arzignano tanning district, his town of life. It is right from his garage that he starts to put his hand to leather and to work it, and driven by his passion and curiosity for this sector he continues to learn over the years what its finest capabilities and properties are, expanding his knowledge and continuing to personally follow the production, getting to know the complete cycle.

C.P. Leathers represents the idea of a future based on solid experience, driven by continuous innovation and curiosity towards the future, with commitment towards the surrounding environment which leads to the search for new and sustainable solutions that can bring added value and uniqueness. The founder recognizes the importance of human value and, in addition to the presence of expert staff, has decided to bet and surround himself with a young team to capture with it new visions. A range of services opens up such as to offer products that can have high quality in the most standard processes, as well as careful consultancy of customized products on the needs of each customer.

Founder / CEO

Mr Clausio Poletto, Ceo of Cp Leathers


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